Flex Deck

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  • Play new and traditional card games, dominoes, crossword, letter and word games with one deck of playing cards.
  • Manufactured in the USA by United States Playing Card Company USPCC from Erlanger, KY and on classic linen finish.
  • Designed to take as many games as possible on a hike into the Grand Canyon, use on your next trip camping or at home!

  • Card Games to Play: Solitaire, blackjack, euchre, blitz, hearts, spades, rummy, gin, go-fish, crazy eights, egyptian rat screw, etc.
  • Domino Games to Play: double-six dominoes, double-nine dominoes, texas 42, mexican train, blind hughie, one armed Joe, sniff, spinners, etc.
  • Letter Games to Play: Build a crossword grid or enjoy variations of solitaire, hangman and poker among other rules that you may already know.
  • There are more game rules added to our website regularly as players share their house rules with others.
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